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Complete kit for safely germinating seeds

Create the ideal germination environment at home, using the unique Seedbox from Plagron! The Seedbox is the perfect starter set! Test it yourself and experi­ence the benefits of Seedbox!

The Seedbox contains a growing tray with transparent lid, 12 germination plugs and a bottle of the unique Plagron Seedbooster. Follow the clear instructions in your own language on the manual included in the Seedbox and your seeds will germinate and develop into perfect plants.

The secret of this set is the Seedbooster. This stimulator contains a protective anti rotting enzyme that carefully penetrates the hard seed coat of even the most difficult seeds. The seed are encouraged to start germinating. Even older seeds germinate quickly and easily. You can see the result after just a couple of days. The Seedbooster also provides a uniform growth of plants.

Advantages of Seedbox:

  • Complete starters kit
  • Seeds germinate fast and safe
  • Clear instructions on the manual


Growing tray

This tray with transparent lid gives the seeds the perfect environment to develop.

12 germination plugs

These plugs take care of the correct pH, EC and air/water balance.

250 ml Seedbooster

Stimulator for safe, quick and vigorous germination of seeds and healthy root


Including manual in 12 languages

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