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Support continues to grow for vapourising as a healthy alternative to smoking weed. Dutch Passion explained that they have been impressed with the recent advances to the quality and performance of hand-held vapourisers. Not only are vapourisers ‘smoke-free’ and healthier, they also allow canna-fans to use their pot more efficient­ly. Converts to vapourisers often claim their stash lasts twice as long compared to smoking joints.

One other benefit of a vapouriser over a joint is the stealth factor. You can use a vapouriser without anyone nearby being able to smell a thing. A joint can be smelled from some distance. So for some home growers converting to a vapouriser could be a good way to maintain a low profile with neighbours.

Visitors to the Dutch Passion website can buy either the Da Vinci or Wispr vapouriser which comes bundled with the Dutch Passion Pro-grinder. Most good grow and head shops and all of the important distributors offer a wide range of vaporizers including the Da Vinci and the Whispr, Dutch Passion does not sell vaporizers to shops and distributors but only offers them to consumers through their website,(link removed, please log in)

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